With this installation AR. Gallery collaborated with Preciosa Lighting
to bring life to their hand blown Bohemian crystals.
04/02/2017 - 27/02/2018

MUUTOS by Preciosa, on display in our crystal habitat, has been born out of hundred-year-old traditional forms and adapted into organic, modern shapes. By inviting Muutos to occupy their place in their environment of inspiration within nature, forming one unit with the tree, the real essence of the conceptual idea behind its design manifests itself.


The LIVING GROUND STARDUST by Preciosa forms an essential part of the installation where the ground becomes the source of life. By the sparkle and the reflections of its fine crystal particles, an intangible atmosphere around the installation is envisioned. It is this Aura which defines the imaginary borders of the Crystal Blossom Tree.


Conceptual Design by AR. Gallery and Preciosa Design Team.