After a critically acclaimed debut at Downtown Design 2016, the progressive design studio Apical Reform tunes into nature for its new collection.
Terrain of the Earth and the Moon puncture the classic geometries of the Jaw coffee table, Locoma console and the Terra1 light, bringing us closer to the core of nature.
“We wanted to focus our client’s mind on our eco-system and to appreciate the environment, without being rigid about it,” says Amrish Patel, Founder of Apical Reform. Eschewing an obvious interpretation – both in form and materiality - the studio sought reference from a stylized, parametrically manipulated reading of topography and geographic coordinates. “To have this collection in your surrounds will train your subconscious to explore nature and connect with it in a more authentic manner.”
In addition to a vast colour palette and size possibilities, customers can request for specific locations and regions to be included into the design. This intimate level of personalisation renders an heirloom-like quality to these modern works.
Apical Reform presents, for the first time in the region, MOKO Interior. The Hungarian woodworks atelier is known for its handcrafted wooden panels that in design and application marry the best of artisanal culture and innovation in material manipulation.
At Downtown Design 2017, they present MATRA, a wooden wall panelling system. The result of a million years of volcanic activity, the Matra mountain range is indeed, nature at its most powerful. The design of the panelling system reflects the distinctive character and aura of Matra’s terrain. As its high peaks and steep slopes alternate with gentle valleys, the profile of the modular wooden panel rises, ebbs and naturally flows.
Dubai based Anna Szonyi presents the latest iteration of her award-winning IDO bench. The new proposal, designed for indoor use, follows the design DNA of the predecessor in that the inescapable boomerang profile is maintained. It is in the detailing – the softer corners, the refined material palette and colours – that IDO2.0 lays its claim as a contemporary design piece for luxury interiors.
IDO won the inaugural edition of Urban Commissions, the annual design award established by Design Days Dubai, d3 and Dubai Culture. Available in modular sections, the IDO2.0 offers customers the flexibility to use it as a statement chair or combine units to create a focal bench.


14 /11/2017 - 17/11/2017  |  DUBAI DESIGN DISTRICT, UAE